I just wanna say hi and give a liitle of my vibe regarding the situation in the ****ing music industry of the year 2007.

In general we have a bowl of shit with a few very very significant band, which don't suck like the most. These bands have style, power, aggresion and great music.

I hope that a new era of Hard Rock is coming, because nowadays we have around 20 worthwile rock bands who don't give a **** about comromising.

We have Brides of Destruction and Forty Deuce, Alter Bridge and Younger Heart Attack, Imperial Vipers and Beautiful Creatures, Crystal Pistol and Roadstar, Backyard Babies and Towers Of London, The Answer and Velvet Revolver, Audioslave and... some more ****ing hot bands who can truly rock.

I think it can be the beginning of the great rock renascence, which will get such bands back to the stadiums and to the mainstream mass media.
And I hope that it will make girls stop wearing such a shitty clothes like emo-kids do.

Rock is gonna **** up all the evil of descent boys bands and the devil will kick the god's ****ing ass

f*cking hell you c*nt
why are you so angry?...
rock has come back in a big way over the past few years since '97/'98. you just want to live in the 1980's
Stop whining.The 80's are over... If you want to bring them back ,invent a time machine.
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nice bitch speach. you spelled renaissance wrong.

You forgot how to use punctuation, and you actually called someone a "speach". Also, you spelled speech wrong.

Learn how to use your ****ing dictionary!!! Every time I read renascence, I always heard rain-ass-since.


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I don't have an ass.

you are ****heads, even cause you can't see the difference between "renascence" and "the Renaissance" . The second is an official name of the epoch which took people back to appreciating antiquity and the first is just a common word, like revival, rebirth or resumption.

I'm not looking for 80's, beacuse aids has ****ed up sex, just looking for a day when the girls will thrill lookng at bands like Brides Of Destruction and Imperial Vipers, instead of Tokio Hotel or My Chemical Romance.

ilovethinlizzy, what bands appered back then? Snakepit, Union, Backyard Babies?
I think this guy has had too many smarties.
And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me: no, nor woman neither... nor women neither.
Is it not enough that rock is back in a big way ? I lived through the demise of it then came the cultural desert of disco then boy and girl bands and then this rap and garage sh1t . Now rock is thriving and we should all be happy it is getting good exposure,maybe we can get some converts and make it bigger

Why? Because you, threadstarter, are a stupid, illiterate douche. What the **** does "comromising" and "evil ofdescent boy bands" mean?

You also probably don't know anything about hating God either, since you are most likely 12 years old or something.

And for the record:
- the word "renaissance" was taken from the name of the time period
- There are plenty of good bands out there that aren't emo.
these threads are made all the time. If you're gonna bitch, do it to your friends, not the people in Modern Rock enjoying Modern Rock.
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