ive been playin for a few years, if needed i can do backup vocals. ive got plenty of gear if gigging frequently, as well as a car. i live in louisville, so no farther away than bullit county
My Guitars:
Gibson SG Standard
Epi Les Paul Custom
Martin 000X1 (soon!)
Epi SG Special

My Gear:
Marshall DSL401
Marshall MG250DFX
Boss TU-2
Dunlop Crybaby Classic
Digitech Grunge
Yeah i could use a guitarist, that is of course if your willing to take a plane to london for rehearsals and gigs LOL
KY huh? i have to same situation only i'm in West Virginia...i have to end ever set with Freebird, or noone is happy
I live in Jeffersonville,In right across the river from Louisville. I am not currently in a band though. I play guitar, keyboard, and some bass.