i've been playing guitar for a year and i've only been concentrating on one song, sweet child o' mine, i never get that far on it, i cant get the fast piece of the solo right, i am quite good, is it better i learn each song one by one, or is it better if i just learn what i want when i want and come back to songs i haven't completed?
Move to learning a different song if you get bored, then go back to the other one when you feel like it.
i just learn hard riffs and solos of songs. just learn what you want, but concentrate on more than one song.

ps. i think this is the wrong forum...
dude...you've been trying to play Sweet Child O' Mine for a whole year? Now thats dedication.
I usually learn about three songs at a time, keeps it from being boring. If you get stuck drop it and it'll come back later.
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try improvising. try to play pantera stuff. its quite intresting and fun.
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Try to switch your playing up, and Learning scales, modes, etc. will really help you in the long run.
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^^ agreed, and the benefit with that is, that as long as you keep playing, when you go back to a song you can't play, you will notice that you are better and it will be easier.
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i'm starting to feel that i didnt get that far in sweet child o' mine because i was getting bored of it, thanks guys
You're better off forgetting specific songs and just learning a few basics - once you've done that you'll find you can learn things much more quickly....at this rate you'll be dead before you've learned a full set!
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