build your own- get an eminence speaker for $65 and a 1x10 or something. it's cheaper. oh, and lots of L-brackets.
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Yea i heard about the epi cab i wil definetly get that, just matters when it comes out.
Well how big of a cab are you looking for and how much are you willing to spend? You can get a behringer 412 cab for like $200 but if you really want the best tone possible you can spend another $250 and get an avatar or something of the sort.
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That's real subjective. The best advice is to take your head to the store where they sell the cab you are interested in. That's if they don't sell the Epi head. Plug the head up to several cabs and see what you think.
i bought a $100 lopoline empty cab, and a $50 patriot speaker.

that's pretty cheap for a bad ass 1x12.

if u think u might want a 2x12 cause ur going to use it for another "future" amp, then maybe spend a few hundred.

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