In my opinion he's the second best Rock frontman right after THE KING OF RNR Freddie Mercury. And that's very bad that we have only one Motley album with John, even because we never heard the same crue after the year 89.
His Union era is ok, his vocals are outstanding, but there is no Mick, no Tommy and no Nikki...

What's your opinion regarding the man?
Aye, true. Especially as the corabi album is actually pretty damn neat (only heard the songs they stuck on red white n crue, but they're solid)
But of course, the album bombed in sales, so the label sacked him & got vince Niel back. The result of that was generation swine... lol Well i'll agree with your point for a what if that album had been avoided in its entirety.
I haven't a damn thing about mr. Corabi apart from that crue song and something about a scream or primal scream or something. How about anyone else?
I love The Crue but generation swine, in my opinion is the worst album they produced, to me it just seems so not like them. My gues is that they were just trying out new things.
i love the last song on the Corabi album. it's intro is Jimi's voodoo child, and that just kicks ass
Yeah, Generation swine was just not the crue at all - Even the 3 songs I heard (the title track, Beauty and Afraid) Just don't gel with what you'd expect. But hey, lookin ahead to the future, right? What i've heard & seen of them nowadays ain't bad at all! Lookin forward to when they do a new studio offering, the live shows are as good as ever on evidence of the carnival of sins tour
he hooked up with the racer x dudes after gilbert and martin left rite?
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I also don't understand why Brides of destruction took London LeGrand as a frontman and John just as a rhytm guitar player.

About ...Swine: Nikki said that at first the album was not appreciated by fans at all, but then they realized that it's one of the best motley works - I don't like it too, I tried to listen to it twice, but appreciated just 4 songs Shout...(97), Confessions(with Tommy's vocals), Glitter and Afraid... maybe someday I will like it...

About New Tattoo Nikki said that it's their worst album which was written during a month. I can say that he is right. It's perfunctory, which no good in the case.
Has anyone here heard The Scream's Let It Scream? that cd rocks, it's got corabi on vocals and Bruce Bulliett (speeling?) on guitar. Boulliet's work on that cd is great, unfortunatly he never really rips the way he did with Racer X...

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I also don't understand why Brides of destruction took London LeGrand as a frontman and John just as a rhytm guitar player.

Corabi did some rythm guitar work on Here Come the Brides. In an interview tracii guns implied that the band wanted corabi, but him being in the final lineup didn't workout for some reason.

I've always wanted to hear the Motley cd with Corabi, Sixx said it was really good in The Dirt (although he's prolly biased). I bet that cd is really underated, all the songs from it that showed up on red, white and crue were great (especially the instrumental, but that's irrelevant)
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