I figured this would be an interesting thread.

What's your favorite album to listen to with headphones? Any recomendations?

My personal favorite is Tool - Aenima

God Lives Underwater is some other good stuff I really love with headphones.
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I really like wings for marie by Tool. It sounds like something is revolving around your head.
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like w/ how it goes from one headphone to the other and sounds really cool right?

some song called "me, myself, and I" had a really cool beginning that goes back and forth.
there's another really good one i know like that, but i can't think of it.

if you're not talking about that though, i love listening to Evil Empire, RATM through my headphones(which are those vic firth's that are massive) because i headbang/nod for like 30 minutes straight and no one know's what i'm listening to....or what i'm doing
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The whole Clapton+BB King album Riding With the King has a great stereo mix, cos eric's always in one ear and BB's always in the other, so you can really hear their individual parts.
Loveless - My Bloody Valentine, you pick new things up every time you listen to it. That is if you have a decent set of headphones like me.
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i like listening to arch enemy in the headphones, preferably doomsday machine. And coheed and cambria the good apollo im burning star IV through the eyes of madness is pretty bad ass in headphones....and any album or ep from yeah yeah yeahs is great.
I always listen to music with headphones, so my favorite "headphone" music would just be my favorite music.
The Fall Of Troy- Self Titled. You get the full effect of hearing both guitar parts separately, as they are generally panned left and right.