It is a line 6 spider 2 75 watt. Yes, I know everyone here hates this amp. My problem however is NOT with the tone.

When I plugged my guitar in this morning, it didn't work properly. There is always noise and feedback on the metal and insane settings (even with the noise gate on) but this time there was also a crackle or something when lightly touching the strings. This noise would also appear when turning the bass knob. This was the case with all the channels (even the clean one). After playing really loud and turning all the knobs up and down for a while, all the channels returned to normal except for the red metal channel. This channel still crackles when touching the strings and turning the bass knob.

any ideas as to what is the problem? I'm pretty broke at the moment, so a new amp is not an option. Maybe this amp can be fixed?

thnx in advance.
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Quote by korinaflyingv
the problem is it's an unreliable pile of crap. you probably cant fix it as it's digital.

get a tube amp

Wasn't that, perhaps, unecessary? As well, he stated he was broke, and a new amp was not an option.

I'm sorry if I come off as rude, but read the threadstarter's post, and be respectful to him?
maybe a loose connection or bad cable ??? or are you closer to a computer or tv than usual
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I didnt change anything, checked all my cables and pedals. Even with a brand new cable and no pedals in the chain it sounds weird. Also, just noticed my amp now goes haywire when I switch pickups with the switch
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Ah, sounds to me like you got a grounding problem in the wiring somewhere...

I'd say either in your guitar (the most likely source), or your amp..., or even more rare, your house outlets... get ur guitar and amp looked at by a pro... he can at least look at it and tell u what's wrong for free... most do.
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Sounds like the guitar is the problem, not the amp.

The metal patches have more gain so all the crap coming out of your guitar gets exaggerated more.

There really is no way that your pickup switch can mess up the amp. Try exercising the switch or hitting it with a shot of contact cleaner and see if that changes, improves it. Does hitting the guitar make noise?

I tried my guitar through my peavy backstage amp and it worked just fine, so I doubt its the guitar.

A grounding problem? I guess ill try my amp at a few different outlets to try and exclude that possibility
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