Alright I just made the step for the Made In USA Strat thanks to you guys!!! BUT!!!! I think i might have a problem....I took it home and I am using a Vox ad15vt(i know guys I will upgrade soon) and I am noticing that it has no sustain what so ever. No matter what I do...the guitar doesn't hold a note....it fades away so fast....I had a made in mexicon and a made in usa(strats) a long time ago and they never had this problem....I changed the strings!!!! I did everything but it is just not ringing long at all.....Is it my amp? what do you guys think?
Hmm... Did you go from A hardtail to a tremolo?
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no....all have been tremolos

it just fades out in like 3 seconds....all the other guitrars i have owned seem to sustain for atleast 20 seconds
try a different guitar on your amp.

try your guitar on a different amp.

see which is causing the problem.
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thanks will do as soon as it gets here...as for the guitar.....any suggestions??
make sure the noise gate on the amp isnt all the way up a son my amp this drastically reduces sustain .
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Noise gate??....i don't think this has a noise gate.....honestly I might just return the thing
it does have a noise gate, bypass the effects, hold down the tap tempo button (edit 1) , and turn the knob all the way down
if ur action is too low, u might be choking the notes dead.

are u getting any acoustic fret buzz?

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