I'm thinking about buying a stratocaster (american, HSS) but i noticed that there are Relic Stratocasters costing like twice as much as any other that I could find. Why is it so? And also is the one im thinking about buying worth the money?

it depends on what you're playing as to whether the strat is right for you, but they are pretty versatile for any rock / blues music, so i'm saying an american standard strat would be a safe bet....

edit: i see, only 100 relics were made in the first as to why they are extremely expensive
the new ones probably just replicate them at a ery high quality and are prbably great guitars
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Well, I'll answer your second question first. The reason they are more expensive can be explained in the name. They are "Relics", so generally they ought to have something that makes them more special than your average strat. As for your first questions, I can only answer that if you tell us your playing style.
The Relics cost more because A) they are custom shop guitars and b) they put scratches and other flaws in the finish of the neck and body to make it look like it has been in use the last 50 years.

I'm a strat man, I like strats, so sure it's worth the money. Especially if you are going to use it for gigs and what not.
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go with the american hss and then split coil the humbucker. That should be perfect for what you described with your taste in muzak.
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an american strat would be decent for what you play.... also look into a les paul, that would also fit your playing style, but if you want a start, try one out and if you like it, go for it