what kind of electric strings do you recommend?
This is the first time I'm in need of new strings, and I'm not sure what to go for.

I play rock and some blues; really anything from SRV to the Beatles.

I did search for a thread like this, but only found one on acoustic strings.
ernie slinkies or elixer nanaowebs foe me, stay around 0.10 guage
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ernie ball regular slinkies (10s) get the job done for me. I also like D'addario 10s. Both seem about the same, I can't really tell the difference.

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i like ernie ball slinkys ,dean markleys are good too very tough and stay in tune.
ibanez rocks
I bought earnie ball strings today, but the twat in the shop gave me a extra low E instead of high E
i like D'Addario, if you are tuning your guitar below Dtuning, .10 or .11 guage strings are usually preffered, i use .09's though as i play a lot of standard tunings and i'm used to .09's. but either way, D'Addarios!!
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