Just making sure so I don't end up arsing this up. Will 10-52s (skinny top heavy bottoms) have too much tension on an Edge Pro bridge (on an RG1570) with 3 springs to have in standard tuning and drop D?
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depends what you had on before, but im guesssing youll have to set up the bridge again which can really be a pain in the ass
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Well you will have to adjust the bridge obviously, but it shouldn't be too hard. You may have to add a spring, no big deal.
I know I'll have to adjust the springs, just wondering if I'll have to add any. I'll try it out anyway.
You won't need to add springs for 10s.
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1st suggestion - dont do it, too much force is applied to the knife edges and studs, always not healthy for the system. Significantly reduce your trem play, it'll be much more stiffer.

2nd suggestion - you might want to angle your spring, i highly suggest adding another one in for more stability.
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By angle my spring do you mean changing them so they're sort of like this: / | \ ?

And secondly, what do you mean by 'don't do it'? Don't put the strings on? Surely it can't cause that many problems?

And I hardly use the trem anyway. I'm in the process of buying a Tremol-no, and I will have it in hardtail mode most of the time. Can this have any effect on the knife edges and studs as well? Without the springs to even the pressure out on the other side, seems like there'd be a lot of tension on it a lot of the time, especially when in standard tuning.

Dont do it, you'll risk ruining your knife edge due time (even though its tough) and your trem will be much stiffer. Stringing it isnt a problem, its just when you're using the trem. Of course, this is just my advice, you're welcome to try and see/feel for yourself how stiff the trem is and how you plan to do tricks with it. If you're moving to high gauge, its better to downtune rather than staying in standard.

Also, if you hardly use the trem, then i highly suggest you just block them with 2 pieces of wood. Tremol-no can also work but try to leave the springs intact, the system may slip (thats why i recommend the woods), you'll never know. Yes the knife edges and studs are affected but in this case, you're not using the trem so its fixed, they wont break or dent or anything.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
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Alright, well these may sound like dumb questions but where exactly do the blocks of wood go? How would I go about keeping them in place? And how do I get them in?

Edit: And how would 10-46s bear up tension wise? I'm pretty sure these would hold okay because the change in tension isn't that much from what I have now.
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I think the block of wood goes under the Edge Pro's end...
(the one where the fine tuners are located)

I'm not sure though...
just ask madpickin03 to be sure...

This is an example of a blocked EdgePro.

As for 10-46, its still stiff and you might not like it. Why dont you just try and string them on, see if you like it from there. Just telling you isnt enough since you're really determined to get to higher gauge. What i can really say is, the best gauge for standard tuning of Floyd Roses are 9s, plays real smooth and whatnot.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
Alright thanks for your help, I'll try it and post back if I need to.

Edit: This is kinda off-topic, but can someone tell me the stock string gauge on Ibanez RGs? I know the top string is a 9 but not sure about the bottom.
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