So I got a Gibson Les Paul studio

I also bought with it some Zak Wylde EMG's

I read the instructions and it said to use the long pots in a Les Paul.
I get through installing it and soldering it and I notice the pots stick out way to far.
Then i notice the knobs dont stop......ie they keep turning...

Do I put in the short pots?

Also where do I ground the last remaining wire at

Hopefully I explained it well enough

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated

Thanks much

can't help u...but post pics of it for those that can.
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Were the stock pots in your LP long-shaft? Use the same length from the ZW kit. If the shafts in the ZW kit are too long, you can use the included washers to pad them to the required length. If your knobs keep turning, they're probably not sitting tight on the knurled pot shaft...

And you don't need to ground the EMGs, so isolate the bridge ground wire and leave it hanging (I assume that's the one you're talking about).

Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the help

The knobs might be broken

U know ow it stopd when u turn it all the way up and all the way down

Well these have no stop.....they keep turning

Thanks again

I think I may have it
Tighten the pot knob covers. If the pot knobs themselves keep going... You're SOL.
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