i need help for my music lesson at school i need to do this solo piece so i chose a Grade 5 piece and it has a backing track which i need to play over and i dont want to record it at school and i want to do it at home but problem is i dont think i can record the guitar part in riff tracker using the Cd as the backing track and put that onto the Cd!!

does anyone know like a way i could record the guitar bit while listening to the Cd outloud then mix that with the backingtrack?

i dont think you can for Copywrite reasons but i would love someone if they could help...
I know nothing about Riffwors or Rifftracker.

However, there are many free recording tools that can do this easily. You may check out Audacity or Reaper.

Riffworks can't import a wav of an mp3 file at the minute. I know it's something I asked for & they said they're looking at it for version 3.

Riffworks will import rex files though.

If you 're desparate hols a mike in front of the speaker & plug the mike clean into rifftracker.