Hey everyone, i just wanted to ask what you think of my first song..

I have a primitive myspace for us.. http://myspace.com/havoktheband

Check it out, its just one (badly) recorded song using a POS Zoom 707II and a built in soundcard, the other is a stub of a song and the third is a midi, try to listen to the melody more than the production. Tell me what you think =D

Rock on !
I like the first one the best, probably, but they are all pretty good. The second one sounds like it was recorded better for the bass and drums. The keyboard stuff all sounds good. The guitar sounds kind of undefined, maybe this is mic placement or distortion level? I really like the double bass part towards the end of the second song. The third song sounds crazy. I like the harmonic minor thing. It's very techno, which is cool. Keep it up. Mind critting mine, too? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091