hi, heres my first post on u-g.

im fairly new to playing the guitar an im after a new acoustic guitar, i currently have a crafter fx550 its alright but imo it isnt a scratch on my mums crafter ml bulbinga.

Ive also took a shine to the crafter "twin birds bulbinga"

My questions are,
has anyone played either the ml or tb, an if so how did they think they sounded? im asking because ive only ever played on 3 guitars.
An also
would there be much of a difference within Twin bird and Ml guitar? with them both being between the 300-400 pound mark.

cheers folk
Hey, I own the Crafter Twin Birds Bulbinga and I think its fantastic! Ive just started giggin with it and i think its well worth the price!
The only slight problem is it has a tendancy to feed back if you get to close to the amp, but this can easily be sorted by placing the amp further away (Y)
My friend and I gig a lot, and I use it primarily for lead guitar as the strings are far more flexible than on his Taylor, so it suits me perfectly!
I highly highly recoemmed this guitar
From what I could tell, the difference between TB and ML is just the cosmetics (e.g. inlays). Everything from material to size are identical (with the choice of bubinga or rosewood as back/side woods).

One other thing is that these guitars are meant to play "softly," as they don't sound too good if you try to strum too loudly, so to speak. But other than that, they're beautiful instruments with excellent sound.