Ok, I know I'ma noob, but I have to learn this somehow...

I have been playing guitar for a year and I still don't know what all this means.

Whenever anyone says anything about amps, or effects, or guitars, or anything, I have no idea what it all means.

Like for instance, what is a watt? or a cabinet? (Is it just an amp?), and what does a noise gate do? whats a compressor? Whats the "mid" do on my amp? What is a "tube" amp? What other kind of amp is there besides a "tube" amp, and whats the difference?

I feel really noobish, but I think I should know(Right?). I have this piece of crap amp, it's a CRATE GX-15R. I also have a GNX1. But whenever I play with distortion, (which is alot), when I stop playing, there is still a sizzling sound for a second after I stop. Is this the amp? FX pedal? Do I need to turn something on/off, or down/up?

If someone could help me with this I'd be eternally grateful

Like if someone could give me a website that explains all this stuff, or if someone knew how to explain it or whatever.

Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance for the help...
A watt is the measure of power that an amp puts out. A cabinet is basically a box with speakers in it. It is part of an amp, powered by a head. A noise gate gets rid of excess noice such as feedback so when you play with distortion it will clean it up a bit.
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Your no n00b, you get a level up just for putting this all in one post, unlike most n00bs. So now you’re the town nudist, not a n00b. Anyhow, here’s some links:

Noise Gate - This essentially eliminates most hum, ringing, screeching, feedback, buzzing, etc. from your amp and guitar while you’re not playing, like between songs, or a part in a song where your stop. There great to have, I need to save up for one. There generally a bit over $100USD.

Watt - This is what most people are talking about when they think of loudness. A Tube amp (which is an amp powered by light bulb-looking tubes) Is generally louder than a Solid State amp, which is what a practice amp is made out of, it doesn’t run off tubes, it instead runs off of well, nothing much besides the wall outlet. Tube amps are usually better for distortion and heavier music.

A Cabinet is what holds speakers for a full/half stack amp. There’s a head, with tubes in it, and that’s the power behind the amp, and the cabinets are the head's bitches and just hold speakers. A half stack is one cabinet; a full stack has two cabinets.

I think a compressor compresses the audio signal coming from guitar and it increases the sustain. I know it increases sustain but I’m not sure how, exactly.

I can’t exactly help you with your amp problem, but id venture to say it’s the amp, not the guitar or pedal.
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a compressor basically squeezes the signal and makes quiet parts louder, louder parts quieter, evens out the volume, which naturally increases sustain. probably a subtle effect.
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