Anyone on UG a fan of Troma movies and got any good recommendations or just general chat stuff.
Someday I'm gonna try make a movie like these or even get a job with Troma (despite being pretty useless )
Troma are great. I love their toxic avenger movies. Extremely cheesy but for some reason so fascinating to watch.
I have the first 3 Toxic Avenger movies and the Saturday morning cartoon series/movie, Toxie rules! I love the Monster Hero
i'm a huge troma nerd. toxic avenger I and IV clearly. i have not seen poultrygeist yet, but you need to see terror firmer and tromeo and juliet. this are just the main servings obviously. they distribute movies they didn't make that are great too like cannibal the musical, rabid grannies, and i think they put out they don't cut the grass anymore.

on second thought, might not want to get rabid grannies, it's not as good as it sounds.

i also have a troma desktop:

lloyd kaufman is my hero.

edit: you got the toxie box set? sounds cool. i don't like two and three though. you NEED to see citizen toxie. it's the best toxic avenger flick ever. starts out with a school of retards being shot up by a gang called the diaper mafia. then toxie steps into an alternate reality and the noxious offender comes to tromaville. it rules so hard. it also made one of my friends really uncomfortable watching it, but you can handle it.

it's got tons of tits. tons of blood. tons of gore. tons of sex. tons of satire. it's the ultimate troma flick. where else would you see this:

^primusfan, you scarred me for life
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Nah it ain't the Toxie box set that's just the Toxie stuff I've got, I think I'm gettin Citizen Toxie next week. I do have the Nuke Em High box set though, the 1st one is by far the best but the other 2 are decent to.
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^primusfan, you scarred me for life

grow a pair!

and for general chat purposes. i have tons of favorite troma moments, but the best are:

1) there's this stock footage (from sgt. kabukiman, i think) of a generic car crash that is used in like ... every troma movie. they always find a way to incorporate it it seems. and that is awesome.

2) the opening scene of terror firmer when the murderer is just going out killing people. like when the killer just cuts off a guys leg and takes off with it and he's like "give that back!" or when they cut open the pregnant woman and take her baby. or when that like 500 lb guy gets eaten by the escalator! that was the bloodiest thing ever (besides braindead)

that movie is chock full of awesome deaths. like this one (but the most brutal one is the penis stretching. oh man. *shivers*):


pay attention to the last thing you hear. it cracks the shit out of me everytime.

I want to buy a Troma film sometime, but they're kinda hard to find here....
According to BS statistics, 92% of teens have moved on to rap. If you're among the 8% who doesn't consider rap to be real music, donate your brains, as you clearly aren't using them.
An email from Lloyd Kaufman himself:

Greetings from Tromaville!

For 32 years, the Troma Team and I've been making our own brand independent
films far removed (and happily in that truth may I add) from the Hollywood
cookie-cutter system. Some of our films have been great and some of them have
been, well, Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD. But what can be said about all of them is that they have been memorable.

Our newest film, Poultrygeist: Night Of The Chicken Dead is our best film yet!

And yet I fear it's doomed to failure or worse: to be completely ignored.

You see, for years people have heard me complain that Troma's films (that's
right, I said film... 35mm film, damnit!!) have long been shut out of the
system... marginalized or just plain dismissed. Blockbuster won't carry us.
The major theatrical chains won't play us. The press won't even call us back
when we ask them to watch our films!

You might chalk this rant up as just another "Lloyd?s roids" type rant, but
consider this: Twenty years ago Troma was just one of over thirty truly
independent film companies. Ten years ago, Troma was just one of twenty truly
independent film companies. Today, Troma is the ONLY truly independent film
company left.

Why is Troma that last man standing? Now this is not boasting, quite the
opposite in fact... For I feel that we too are not long for this celluloid

Poultrygeist deserves at least the attention that some lesser films (e.g. Snakes
On A Plane) backed by the majors get. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into
making this film (mostly belonging to the dedicated crew who worked for nothing
but crappy food and a love of indie cinema) and a lot more bodily fluids will
be excreted from my pores if this film goes the way of my last couple. And even
though we know this film to be among our best, truthfully there is no way for
us to compete (promotion wise) with the majors to prove... At least there is no
way that will not cost $50 million.

Much like production of the film itself, we need the help of dedicated,
innovated, driven people to volunteer their time and creativity into forming a
grass roots marketing campaign, which can raise awareness about this film!

But this is NOT just about Poultrygeist! This is about sending a message,
perhaps spawning a movement! If we can wake up the world and show them that
there are more choices than what the fast food conglomerates have to offer, we
can birth a sort of artistic revolution, where once again the little man can
get his art seen by the masses without selling his soul to the masters.

With your help, we might just be able to make Poultrygeist a success. We might
be able to get the press to cover it, or movie theaters to play it. We might
be able to get people to consider it for long enough to realize what a unique
and great film it is!

So I get down on my knees, and ask you a favor. If Troma has ever made you
laugh, or smile, or vomit: could you spare the time to consider the following
list, any item of which could help us spread the word?

BY ANY (legal that is) MEANS NESCESSARY!!!!

1) If you have a MySpace account, can you make Poultrygeist your friend, and put
it in your Top 8 friends?
(*Also, list the movie in your favorite films!)

2) Can you watch and vote on the YouTube clips we have up?
The music video is at http://youtube.com/watch?v=q7YFgQetG60
The trailer is at http://youtube.com/watch?v=8VXDbUE3Et8
There's also a leaked clip at http://youtube.com/watch?v=xX7hN_n_DWQ

3) If you have a website or a blog, can you encourage your readers to support
the film? Maybe even repost this letter!
The MySpace link is http://www.myspace.com/poultrygeistmovie
And the YouTube clips are at

4) Create your own fan sites! We will link them with all of ours!

5) Create your own stickers, stencils and posters and tag the country!!!

6) And if you have any other ideas, or suggestions, of how we can create
awareness for this film, let me know at lloyd@troma.com! I'm new to this web
world, and I'd be really grateful for any help!

7) Finally, and this is the most important part... can you consider forwarding
this email to everyone you know? That would be the biggest help.

Thanks for your support! Poultrygeist was made almost entirely through the
efforts of volunteers around the world -- from the food served on set, to the
500 cast members. I'd hate to let these people down with a great film that
no-one sees.

Unless you help get the bird... err word out, the swan song of my 40 year career
may be just another zombie chicken musical which no one gives a cluck about.

Thank you for anything you can do!

Yours Tromatically,

According to BS statistics, 92% of teens have moved on to rap. If you're among the 8% who doesn't consider rap to be real music, donate your brains, as you clearly aren't using them.
Aww, I wanna help Lloyd. I just watched Terror Firmer last night on ZoneHorror, awesome stuff
Troma makes some of the best movies 'round. Very unique humor style, which is very funny.

You should all check out an article on Blabbermouth about my band's Toxic Avenger song that will end up on Toxie 5 (if they end up making it... you know Troma)