Swinging On Anticipation


At this moment in time
I'm not bothered about people taking what's mine
I'm strutting this way and that
Friends alike are doing the same no one has sat
Yet the silence so thick
It could be severed with a knife
Like our imagination generating optimism at the speed of light.

Everyone held up their chin
I was happy to smile at them
I always tried through thick and through thin
Then I was overwhelmed, taken in
We were waiting on anticipation.

The harder I try, the garder it gets
To maintain my emotions and never forget
Have a good time, even have a dance
Make something of it, take just one chance
I'm tired of having further regret
I screamed out loud, turned around
I was ready and they were all set.


There was always too much stopping and starting for my liking
On a big outing the place needs compromise
It's usually me making this sacrifice
Most others are too caught up in their lives
But not this time 'cos I'm starting to swing
From the terrible heights of anticipation.