I was just reading the "Gay Marriage - You Decide" thread, and it got me thinking. People in there are bitching, 'Who the hell voted no?" etc.

In the midst of this 'free marriage/people can do whatever they want' thing, I see people stereotyping people who don't like gays.

If it's so ok to be gay, how come its not alright to not like gays? Don't get me wrong, I don't care either way, but I see this as an extremely hypocritical thing to say. So, you think people should have a choice about who they have sex with/spend their lives with, but don't think its alright if someone doesn't like someone whos gay?

Give me a break, and grow up. Everyones entitled to their opinion. Just because its the lower of two sides in todays society does not mean its wrong or right. It's someones opinion.

God, that sounds confusing. Well, I hope someone understood me.
It's alright to dislike someone who's gay.

It's just not alright to dislike someone because they're gay.
Because not liking gays is like not liking blacks or not liking Brits.

You can't dislike a person based on an aspect of their person which is purely circumstancial.

EDIT - ANd Jordan put it way better ^
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