I was digging through some old recordings of mine found this little tune.......a pretty straight forward metal/thrash type tune...........the intro kinda reminds me of testament/skolnick for some reason..........anyway.....all the leads r improv and theres a little slop here and there but w/e.....It will eventually have vocals....but sure as hell not mine i hope......lol.....enjoy............let me know what u think..........C4C

http://joeibz13.dmusic.com/ Its name is simply "thrash"
The intro solo lacks feel/soul.
The chord progression is phat. The next solo isn't that bad, I like the shredding! The last one, on the other hand, has a great deal of potential. A lot of good playing there.
Overall this could be a great song, with a better solo to the intro. Or perhaps just drop the intro, and do the phat rythm piece right away?
I also think the intro could have more feel, but it is still good. I think it might sound really cool with some more harmonies. It sounds like it's recorded really well. The riff is awesome, too. I really like this a lot. I like how one electric guitar just plays the chord twice and then the other plays that awesome riff. That sounds awesome. This is a really good riff. The soloing is also really good. The first one over the simple chord progression sounds amazing. This sounds like it was recorded really well, too. What do you use? Thanks for critting mine, too. I'm almost positive you did already. Good job. Keep it up. Here's a link to mine, but I'm pretty sure you've already seen it. Thanks. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
Really cool!
Could be a professional song right away though as said above the first solo could be a bit more "emotional".
Great riffs.

How long have you been playing?
When i recorded this i had been playing for around 2 years....I have been playing for almost 3 now......Im 15 btw.....It was recorded with an Ibanez Rg1570........and a Behringer Vampire amp..........then out of one of the xlr outputs into my M-audio interface..........It was recorded with Cakewalks Music Creator 2.......but I use Sonar Home Studio 4 XL now......The drums are from a royalty free loops CD...........hmmm.........I think i may rerecord a new intro solo now.........thanks for the CRIT guys............any1 else????
Yea man, totally rockin the shit out. You use a lot of ".", but thats ok, you can play some good metal, and its not to trashy, good stuff. When you start the riff thing at 4:00 i'd cut back on the 200-250 hz so it will help clean it up and give it more definition (sounds pretty muddy). But other than that, just a little eqin and it would sound pretty professional (also it may be to late, but there is some clipping going on and off of the song, try and clean that up). keep it up bro!

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Nice work! I really liked it, though the solo is missing something but I can't find what... Anyways, you can play really fast and that's a nice talent! I am myself 15 but I can't really play fast Keep up the good work mate
this is amazing. well done. And your a few months older than I am! Man I wish I could be this creative.

What did you use for the drums?
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well if u listen to other stuff on my site i dont really have a "style" to anything but i have good news......i started working on a new intro solo and messing around with vocals....my vocals...and they actually sound decent so i may post an updated version soon!!!!
The intro solo was alright but lacked any real phrasing. The riff after that was great but whats up with the sudden volume drop? Actually the whole song keeps changing in volume which I didnt like. THe tone and riffs however were really good. Keep it up!
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