I took about 3 weeks of lessons and hated it. The teacher I had was making me play "mary had a little lamb" and stiff like that. For the last year i've been trying to teach myself how to play guitar. But i feel like im not nearly as good as people who have been taking lessons for a few months. I practice scales, read guitar theory books, and do some tabs and online lessons. I usually practice like 3 hours a day but i feel that i havent been getting any better. But my parents say im getting much better but theyre probably B.S.ing me. I can play stuff like stairway and dazed anbd confused(not perfectly though) as well as almost any punk song (perfectly). Should i try to find a good teacher. or should i continue to self teach. maybe i jsut dont think im getting better but i am. any advice?
Well, you don't notice yourself get better until you look back. Maybe get a teacher and tell him or her your goals and what you want to accomplish.
im self taught too and i can see where your comin from cause im not as good who have been takin lessons just as long if not less then me so try to find a good one if no luck then screw them
You won't like everything your teacher makes you do, but the faster you get it done, the faster you move on to better stuff. If you want to improve you should take lessons.
I had a similar problem. but as long as you keep hammering through the basics until you get them down, you'll be alright. It will be very boring and frustrating, but believe me, it will get a lot better. I pretty much taught myself after a month of a crappy teacher, and i'm pretty good now, could be a lot better if I actually had time to play everyday
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Taking lessons from a good teacher is absolutely priceless. It may seem boring at the start, but you have to start somewhere eh? Before deciding on a teacher, make sure that they are expierenced in teaching. A good teacher listens as well as he speaks, so he should let you express your goals in guitar playing on the first meeting, then go off of those in future engagements.
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You won't like everything your teacher makes you do, but the faster you get it done, the faster you move on to better stuff. If you want to improve you should take lessons.

Agreed!!! You gotta crawl before you can walk!
You might be like me and be all self critical and like ugggggggggggggggggggg im not getting newhere but tbh u almost definitely are. but i dont necessarily practice nething really ive been self teaching for 2 years now and i just learn songs and play rather than practice as saying practice makes it sound like a chore and reminds me of the pushy parents in school of rock.
Its really up to you, you could say do one lesson a fortnight or sumthing like that for a whiule and just compare between self taught and taught and see which is benefitting you most. Admittedly i have never had lessons and would like some just to get my techniques checked and all i want is help on how to play those tricky solos etc.
Sorry if i have rambled on. Also sorry if nething here made no sense ill happily try to explain it if it didnt.
Take lessons from a good teacher, and just take a few lessons until you know what you need to work on. Then practice hard for a few months and give yourself time to improve - then go back for a few more lessons.

You can also check out my website www.dolphinstreet.com for some free video lessons.

i took lessons for the first month i started playing.. the teach asked me what kinda music i was into and what i wanted to learn to play, and who i would wanted to play like the most (i said gilmour)..

he was a great teacher.. although the only thing he actually taught me was the A C D E F and G chords, and how to play sunshine of your love. but thats the thing.. he was teachin me stuff that i knew and liked, and stuff that i thought was important to my learning..

you definately need a teacher whos going to listen to you and your goals.. any other will just seem like a douche
When you started learning guitar, mary had a little lamb was the most difficult as you could do. You wouldnt be able to play metal or whatever genre you like. You have to start off slow, because there is a lot to learn in the first year. Once the ball gets rolling its much easier but think of a song you wanted to learn after your first week of guitar lessons. Now go to a friend who doesnt play guitar and teach him that song (assuming you know it now). Now this kid will absolutely suck at it cause he has no past experience.

You cant just expect to be pro going into your first lesson. It takes time, and you know that it takes time now.

So get a teacher, and let him/her teach you whatever they can for now. Once you get better you can start learning the songs you want to learn on your own.
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I know but there is easy slow songs besides "mary had a little lamb" that are fun to play. "smoke on the water" the intro to "paint it black" i just wish my teacher asked Me[ what kind of music i wanted to learn. And besides self teaching is fun, even doing "boring" stuff like scales (actually i love scales, it relaxes me) theory and rythm its more fun when im teaching myself. I jus wish i could find a teacher like hippy_cune meantioned<- (did i spell that right?)