Hi, I've gotten down most of the chords to Under The Bridge by RHCP, but I have on question.

Here's what I have so far

Intro Riff thing

Chords for verses:

Figure one: E Major(barre on 12) B Major(barre on 7) C#minor(barre on 9) G#Minor (barre on 3) A Major (barre on 5)

Figure two: E Major(barre on 12) B Major(barre on 7) C#minor(barre on 9) A Major (barre on 5)

Chords for chorus interlude thing (I don't ever wanna feeeel...)

F#Minor (barre on 9) E (on 7) B (on 7) and then back to F#minor

Now my question is for the next part of the song (Oh no no no yeah yeah)

I know the first two chords are A, and then A7, but how and where do I play the G6? i have no idea how to form a 6 chord, and I wouldn't know what octave to play it in for this song.

Any help?
A 6 chord is 1-3-5-6. So G6 would be. G B D E is a G6 chord. I don't know what voicing John uses it for in the song, I'll take a look in a second and edit back.

e 0 E (6)
b 3 D (5)
g 4 B (3)
d 5 G (1)
a x
E x

I think that's how he plays it.
These are some pretty common voicings..

Thanks for all your help guys!

I'm trying to mainly figure these chord voicings and such out by ear, as I'm really trying to test the skills I've gained by taking Music Theory in school this year. My next question is about Fmaj7. Knowing that A dominant 7 is:


Is it safe to assume that Fmaj7 can be played as:

EDIT: Haha, I'm amazed I didn't notice this, Fmaj7 has the notes FACE, and those notes are definitely not what I had written right below this. Anyways, sorry for all the questions, but is there a website I can go to so I can just look these chords up?

Thanks in advance!
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