is the intonation messed up?
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Might try a new set of strings. That can sometimes do the trick.
you need to update you OS bud, cause the 98 ver of the G Chord needs a update,

ahaha jk

that is how my brothers acoustic is, and it is a G, so thats pretty wierd, what i did was just tuned it up higher, and it played fine,
if it's an electric, get some Zakk Wylde Lo-Tune or regular Boomers. those did wonders for my Mockin'bird.

try it this way, though:


that's how i play it, and it sounds a lot better.
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Inotation is most likely ****ed up.

To check if your inotation is off.... Play a natural harmonic at the 12th fret. Now, a harmonic is the SHOULD be tuned the same as the actual note. If it's off [Obviously you'll need a tuner] then you need to get it fixed. Since you dont know what you're doing, i'd reccomend taking it to a tech to show you how it's done.
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