If you go to the BOSS website, you'll see what i'm talking about

The website has presets for the DD-3. They are:

Level: 12 o clock
F.Back: MAX
Delay: 12 o clock
Mode: S. 50ms

On the website, it imitates a sitar, or sounds like one electricfied. The problem is, my DD-3 does nothing like that whatsoever. all it does is play the note, and keeps playing it (like every delay should), but feedback just gets louder and louder. Don't say tell me my feeback knob is on full, because I know that. That's part of the setting.

Could someone tell me what i've done wrong? or is BOSS simply falsely advertising?

Another question, i'm contemplating ditching my DD-3 and getting a DD-6. I tried one today and loved the reverse effect, especially for the opening melody for one of my bands songs. Anyone had problems with this pedal?
ive got, and really like my DD6. ive heard the DD3 is pretty good tho. almost the same actually. (reverse, maybe warp, and a couple seconds on hold separating the two.)

big price difference tho.
not sure id pay the extra bucks again. i dont use reverse. so yeah, not sure.

as for that setting. it's too late for me to check now. but maybe their idea of a sitar is different from urs.
or maybe they have two outputs plugged into stereo? not sure. ill check tomorrow.

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thanks. no, its the fact i'm using the settings EXACTLY the way they are on the website.
But it sounds very different

Idk. thanks in advance though
So maybe you have to tweak them a bit. Potentiometers (pots, the things behind the knobs) usually are made with a 20% tolerance. That'd be the least precise part in there except for the transistors. Most pots have a 300 degree rotation so that'd give you some 60 degrees of slop in the settings.

They should only be a guide anyway.

maybe the web-site is messed up. Try to "MAX out" the level and have the feedback at 12 O'Clock