I honestly watch a little of both. When I'm playing a repetitive riff (like Swwet Child o' mine) I'll watch mypicking hand and watching my fretting hand only when its changing to a diffrent riff. How bout' you people?
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I sometimes watch either or, but it depends, I don't have to rely on watching my picking hand anymore, but when moving up the fretboard more than 5 frets I usually have to watch my fretting hand.
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i would say i mainly watch my fretting hand, occasionally i will check my picking hand. i try to not look at either when i can avoid it, but im not that great YET.
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I rarely look at my picking hand these days. Once you get a feel for where the strings are, and sweet spots for muting, pinch harmonics, etc, there's probably little need for it.
I try to look at my fretting hand as little as possible, but sometimes its hard to get a feel for what fret i'm at.
i watch the fretting hand usually, i have faith that i'll hit the the string :P, if im learning a really intense song, then i look down the middle and use the perefferal vision or however you spell that, and i watch both sort of, usually though its the fret hand if anything
I'm usually watching the bassist or other guitarist, but when I'm not good at a song yet, I watch the fretting hand for the most part, and if the picking hand makes too many mistakes I start watching that one.
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I tend to avoid looking at either, but I glance down when shifting more than a couple of frets or doing an intricate solo.
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depends, if im playing something like REM - everybody hurts then picking, but normally just fretting

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I usually know where im at for songs but ocassionally i'll glance at my fretting hand
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rarely do i watch either. I'm more of a show off when it comes to playing, so i practice every song until it becomes a chore (most likely watching both hands) so i can fool around on stage
Fretting hand, but only when I'm changing positions or any of the jazz. I rarely watch my picking hand, I'm always in the position for palm muting and pinch harmonics, so I'm usually all set.
I've actually devoleped something in my practice time where I play a riff twice looking at my fretting hand, and then twoice looking at my picking hand. So with that I get to where I know where to put my fingers, and my hand knows where to pick.
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after i learn a song i rarely watch my picking hand and sometimes my frettin hand. Depends on the song and how well i know it.
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It depends. Normally my fretting hand because I know I can pick really well. On some of the harder solos I'll occasionally look at my picking hand.
I know I haven't been practicing for very long, but oddly enough, if I look at my picking hand, I seem to mess up more.
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I have to sing so i dont look (power trios FTW!)
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I have to sing so i dont look (power trios FTW!)

same, but when i practice, i look at my fret hand, because if i get going and accidentally hit the wrong fret, i keep making the same mistake until i hear the difference or glance at my fretter.
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I only watch my picking hand if I skip strings. Otherwise, fretting hand.
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