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Bat Country, I tried to learn it after the first time I heard it, it took me way to long to learn the entire thing.
Master Of Puppets

Still haven't learned all of it, and I started trying to learn it in August. :/

Then again, I only look at bits of it for like 5 minutes, than move on to something else.
Smells like teen spirit, the bridge is the hardest part
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Quote by stratkat
Bat Country, I tried to learn it after the first time I heard it, it took me way to long to learn the entire thing.

bat country...meh i learned like 1/4 of the solo in an hour perfectly, but they suck at solos so i didnt wanna learn the rest. I should though. Who knows that darkest nights song from as i lay dying? I got down the beginning riff and the chorus, but the beginning riff is so fast i have to work on it. Thats the song i was having a hard time playing along to on powertab
man, let's see...i'm pretty sure it was 'I Feel Fine' by the Beatles.
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Quote by jessejames1414
Smells like teen spirit, the bridge is the hardest part

For real? Smells like teen spirit is SO easy, unless of course you suck at playing power chords. I found RHCP - Under The Bridge was pretty tricky to learn.
Classical Gas
Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be.

I learned everything but the took me forever to adapt to Hetfield's style.
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Stairway to Heaven, mostly because of the solo.
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Steve Vai - Tender Surrender

I tried figuring it all out by ear... took me ages. Got it though
War Pigs. Those solos were beastly. Took me 3 months to memorize it all perfectly to play along to the recording in perfect unison

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One of the first songs I ever learned was Master Of Puppets by Metallica. I worked on that song for months before I could play it up to speed. I didn't bother to learn the solos until a couple years ago. Now I cringe every time I hear that song.
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Fade to Black.

Finally have it nailed.
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Black Dog - Led Zeppelin

Although my guitar playing significantly improved after learning that, cause I picked up so much.
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Metallica-Seek and Destroy, I'm not a metallica fan, and I really don't listen to Metal, but it's entertaining me for the time being, if anyone has tips on getting the solo perfect P.M. me
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Fade to Black.

Finally have it nailed.

+1. That last solo is a pain in the arse for a n00b
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Paginini's Caprice #5 in A

I'm about 3 and 1/2 pages into it and I can play that perfect. I still have about 2 pages to go.
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cream-sunshine of your love...i learned the verse and the chorus in about 15 minutes, but it took like 2 weeks to get that solo. i haven't perfected it but i'm still working on it
Not the most original here, but Master of Puppets. I learned to play the opening riff, came back a month later, learned the rest of the riffs. THEN, I came back a couple months later and learned the interlude and first solo. Finally, as of about a month ago, I learned the 2nd solo. Can't play it worth shit in a bucket, but maybe in a couple of months I'll try it again.

Now it's gonna be Cemetary Gates, seeing as I'm finally starting to do harmonics.
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The solo to John Frusciante's "The Past Recedes"...

my fingers weren't fast enough yet...
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One down...
Seek and Destroy

wait i'm still learning it

just the last solo though
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Master Of Puppets,the ultimate first harder song.
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Achillies Last Stand by Led Zeppelin. It took me forever to get it down, then it took a long while to play along to it. But now I got it
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The intro to Stay Together For The Kids by Blink 182, it took me a very long time to learn when I started playing guitar.
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Either a fingerstyle arrangement of Silent Night or a fingerstyle arrangement of the Banana Boat Song.

Since then I've forgotten Silent Night :-/
Foul Body Autopsy. Actually took me several hours at a time(like 4) for like 2 weeks during winter break to get down.
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