The Winds Shall Follow Me Home

The shady mirror a reflection, a reminder
Blood not a guarded oath
With friends I had pledged, without them I mourned
In this night, alone

Now fall to your knees
And scream for eternity
Silence it replies

We fall as one, but live as none
The fogged out moon
And a sanctuary long forgotten
It calls

I will travel lightly on this journey anew
One will remind me that many are few
The task is not done, my life not yet sewn
In the chill of the day, the winds shall follow me home

Any comments are highly appreciated
Thanks man I actually plan on writing an albums worth of lyrics... this most likely would be the last song... hopefully you can figure out the general idea.
intresting word play! lol pretty cool tho man. hmmm i wasnt realy sure where the chours was lol. but it was stil cool!! its good metal. And wow..A albums worth?? thats gonna tkae awhile, i wrote 16 songs, but its taken me since last september lol but anyways its a cool idea !!
Hey your Writeing A Albums Worth?
Thats Great!!
If you have more songs like this....Then It Will be A Good C.D