I have two guitars - the Cordoba 32E and the Lucida 715. The 715 (cedar top) is supposed to be Flamenco/Classical - if such a thing is possible. However, it fits like a glove and for a guitar I bought over the internet, it's beautiful in every way - looks, tone, and price. The Cordoba was a $500 guitar( spruce top) and although it's a great instrument, I find the Lucida actually fits me better. I'm a small adult, I'd like to replace the Cordoba with another guitar but now I'm worried which to look for. Are Flamenco guitars just better suited for smaller people or are they're Classical instruments that would fit me better than my 32E?
Flamenco bodies are traditionally made smaller than classicals, it's not for smaller people per say, that's just the way they've always made them. If the Flamenco guitars work better for you then stick with them, I have one of each but my Flamenco I got from Paco de Lucia...so needless to say it's 1000 times better than my classical (my Flamenco teacher is friends with him so I hit the jackpot).
Completely different. There's no one guitar that suits both styles perfectly. Companies are known to market their nylon guitars as 'flamenco' or 'classical/flamenco' and usually end up being halfway in between. Low-end 'flamenco' guitars tend to come nowhere near how a flamenco guitar should sound/look/play like. Ignore the marketing gimmicks.
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