OK, so here's the deal: I just started practicing standing up, because I felt like it. Now, I've noticed in videos of other guitarists performing that they are somehow able to tilt the guitar to face them more, which is what i usually do sitting down by moving MYSELF (leaning forward). How the hell do they do this?

Also, what's the point of having your guitar hang lower, is it just for looks? How low do I need it to be cool?
yeah really. dont wear ur guitar higher than your waist. your not in the beatles
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i think what you mean by "tilting it towards them" is when you push against the body of the guitar with your upper leg by bending at the knee, thereby making it the guitar "tilt". some people say that this makes it easier for them to see what they are doing, but i dont notice much of a difference at all. as for strap hight, you should have it wherever it is most comfortable for you, but if it is too high then it looks gay and if its too low then its hard to play. it seems to me that usually the heavier the music, the lower the strap. its just about style
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put it at the same height as it would be if u were sitting.

then gradually lower it over time. as u find it easier to fret the chords cleanly.

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Petrucci and Morello use the guitars very high. |: I've tried it and it feels very confortable to play, although it looks very bad..
what's worse, looking a little off, or playing like crap?
whatever is best for you is where you should wear your guitar, though I find for me having the bridge of my guitar at about my beltbuckle and then tilting the neck up towards me works best [FOR ME].
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actually, i've seen ppl (example Eddie Van Halen) when ever they do tapping songs, they use a box like thing shaped like a wedge that gives the guitar a tilt...but i think what your tlaking about (like someone else said) is when you bend your leg.
also, to be cool, its where its comfortable....and then like jj1565 said, start it as how high when you sit and lower it as you get more practice...but dont where it up high or i will have to call you "Mr. Queerio" lol

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To comfortably play and not look retarded, you should have the guitar around the low to bottom of middle stomach area. You should have the guitar four or five inches below that for the cool look. I hardly play low unless the stuff I'm playing is only rhythm (hardly) because it's more difficult to solo and play leads.
thanks guys haha. the reason i ask is I'm having some trouble fretting power chords high up on the fretboard when i wear it lower... hope it goes away
its all personal preference...look at jimmy page...his strap is so low he could play with his toes at times...its all about what your prefer...for me...if my belt buckle sits just behind the top of the body its good but it changes with my guitar and the day so...
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thanks guys haha. the reason i ask is I'm having some trouble fretting power chords high up on the fretboard when i wear it lower... hope it goes away

Errr.. tilt the guitar's neck?