Im gonna be attending MI this year and have some concerns about my direction.........today at a guitar clinic I realized that some people there had incredible technique,were insanely fast etc. etc. while others really good ears and sense of melody while some (like me) were really good sight readers. this got me to thinking why I was practicing technique and speed for a large portion of my practiing......The music I make and listen to is really pretty eaasy to play technique wise. so iwas pretty much practicing with the thought that if i have incredible technique ill get more/better gigs.....but seeing that all these other players surapassed my technique they would prolly get the gig, but if there was a gig that needed a better sight reader I would get it....so i pretty muchh have changed my schedule drastically due to this enlightenment to include only sight reading,trancribing and writing music......seems to me this way I can pursue the music I want to make and get some cash flow, Just wanted to see if anybody with expirience in the music buisness has any insight on this thanks for reading
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Nothing wrong with building your strong points. Nothing wrong with expanding your technique either. Nothing wrong with building speed (cooking speed however is illegal). When you work on one exclusively you tend to lag behing in the others. Not that working on one isn't inadvertently building the others, but if you consciencely work on other aspects, you will improve upon them. I say when you get bored doing one thing, work on the others.
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