Are there any major differences between the two? The only difference that I can see is that the pro looks like it would be easier for heavy palm muting due to the fine tuners being better placed. I also see that the string spacing is slightly smaller. Would that make a very noticeable difference in playability?

Heres they are to compare for yourself: http://www.floydrose.com/original.html

I ask because I personally like the way the pro looks better, so if they are pretty much the same then I'd rather go with that one.
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The Original Floyd Rose Tremolo string spacing is .420 inches and the Floyd Rose Pro strings spacing is .400 inches.
i think the look is all that difference. the Pro is a low profile version. its smaller, may possibly be trickier to fine tune, but im not to sure.
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The sides and the back of the FR Pro is smaller/shorter than an OFR but the stud positioning would be the same. So if you were to fit an FR pro in normal FR equipped guitar with OFR routing, you'll have extra room on the left + right + back side (pretty much everywhere).

You may not need to get an F-spaced pickup for the FR Pro since the distance between the 1st and last pole piece (center to center) is about 5cm. Other than for comfort, the FR Pro is a good system. Another thing is, i've heard quite numerous bad reviews from FR Pro users about it not staying in tune as better as OFR.
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