ok well i live in australia and i am selling some of my stuff so illl have around $500 and i have gottern down to 3 amps ill give the links to them

p.s if anyone has the price to this amp (the ibanez) can you also tell me it




i no the price for the last two so yea any help would be greatly apperceted

in case you need to no beacuse i have to go i have a epiphone SG310
I would get the Fender FM, the GDEC, or at least the 30, I heard isn't that great. You should upgrade it to the bigger one, even though its like 100$ more. I played that Ibanez before, to me, it sounded like sh*t. But thats in my opinion, you might differ. I am bassically into your Van Halen, AC/DC, Hendrix, GNR music. If you like other stuff you might life the ibanez
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