Good! Sounded allright.
But yeah the tapping part sounded messed up..
Playing was nice indeed.

What made the tapping sound messed up was the tone.
Its just to bassy, try to tweak it a bit more.
Try to get your hands on the Green Machine II vst.
That thing will change your life. I have this PERFECT tone down with it, sounds insane.
I wish i knew what kind of amps effects i need to get that in real life.

Nothing more to add. The playing was ok , just kind of sloppy at one part.

I prefer watching videos thought, its much more interactive.
Yeah Im using a roland cube 15 and just go through my line in, it destroys the tone,

I got the demo of greenmachine and reaper, and whenever I try to put on an effect besides the default echo, it peaks and turns off the effect, even after I turn off the bass completely and turn the amp way down and my computer speakers way up,

advice? how do you hook up to your computer?