Ok, I just have a few simple questions...

First off, when there is a dumb thread that qualifies for reportation, if I report it do I HAVE to say *reported* in a reply, so that everyone after me knows not to post?

Second, How do I know who is a mod in a forum? More than once, someone has said, "Yea, the mod said so...^^" And I wonder how they know they are mods...Do mods have a special sig? Or do you just get to know mods by being around longer?

Thanks...I had more Q's but I can't remember them, so no biggy....
1. yes. it's important to say *reported* when you report a thread and i will generally warn people who don't, as to me this makes their post pointless spam.

2. all UG staff have different coloured usernames. for example, regular mods are green, admins are red, supermods are blue and column cleaners (who are basically mods of the articles rather than the forums) are orange. anyone who says they are a mod yet doesn't have a coloured name is lying. you can check who is a staff member here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showgroups.php?
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