Ok guys, so im thinking about upgrading the pickups on my gibson SG special. i need to know what the best pickups are for an SG, and roughly how much they cost. I don't just want powerful pickups, which apparently many people make the mistake of buying, but i need one that can provide the best and most range on my guitar. My teacher told me that pickups need to sound good clean, and that distortion will come after. Any help would be much appreciated. i want to get the best quality out of my guitar as possible. thanks guys.
what genre?
you need different pickups for different styles of playing...
and price range?
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Hum... You can spend a lot of money and get a Mississippi Queen for the neck (P90 in HBs housing) and a Nailbomb in the bridge, both from Bareknuckle, that would be my personal choice.

But if you want bright cleans, get a P90 in an HB housing, I dunno which one, though. If you want warm ones, Seymour Duncan's Jazz is the way to go.

For the bridge... maybe a Seymour Duncan JB or, again, a Nailbomb.
I like modern rock, nothing too heavy, but it would definitely be nice if i could get great acoustic sounds. i wouldn't pay more than 125 a pickup.
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