Ok, so I have decided that I want to get a wah, and a fuzzbox and maybe a delay.

My question is that I have a pretty good distortion and a good reverb on my amp already. If I get a wah, a delay, and fuzzbox, could I play it through my distortion channel or would it sound better through my clean channel w/ reverb on amp? Is a distortion pedal really needed, and do they sound a lot better than distortion on amp?

Also, I know that Fuzzbox is a type of distortion, but do you usually use fuzzbox in conjunction with distortion or do you just use fuzz alone?

Thanks a ton, and if you could recommend me some pedals for what i want that'd be cool also.
What kind of amp do you have? Does it have an effects loop? And no, you don't combine fuzz boxes with amp distortion, generally. Fuzz boxes usually put out a substantial amount of distortion. But you can use delay and wah with anything. As far as what to get, how much are you looking to spend total?
Hi, I'm Peter
Distortion sounds alot better on a pedal than on an amp.
When you learn to use wah with distortion like slash, vai, etc. it sounds awsome, and it would be recommended to buy your distortion of choice, wah of choice (i prefer CryBaby), then run those into a delay that goes into a clean amp with some minor reverb.

That will give you a nice classic rock wah sound.
Alright, that's cool. I guess I will get a distortion Pedal then. I'll buy a wah, distortion, and delay also.

Also, what's the difference between distortion and overdrive?

I have a solid state 120w Crate FXT120 by the way, and a schecter c-1 elite guitar.
Oh by the way, how do I hook all this stuff up? Cables and such? What order should the effects i want go in and should I just use batteries or is there a good way to do A/C power?
Pedal vs built in distortion is a silly arguement. A Boss DS-1 is better then the "distortion" button on a shite Squire practice amp, but the natural sagging-tube distortion on a Fender Twin spanks the hell out of Digitech Hothead distortion box. Find something you like, is all I can say. If somone says it sucks, then they can hump a dog, if you like it. It's your damn tone.

Distortion is a rather broad term. Fuzz is a more specific distortion usually charactized by more sustain. Like a E-H Big Muff Pi...it kinda blurs your notes together. Horribble lead effect, great rythem effect. I think.

Man, that got ranty. Cheers.
if you like the distortion on your amp i wouldnt bother spending money on a distortion pedal, i would rather spend that extra money and get a cool delay like the EH memory man or something. i dont think anyone can tell you which wah pedal to buy because wah is all about your own expression so go out and try all the wahs you can possibly find and buy the one which fits you. i personally like the morley bad horsie but dont have enough money to buy one. what kind of music do you play, you might not need half the stuff you are going to buy, i have a phaser which sits collecting dust.
Alright, so I decided on getting the Vox Clyde Mccoy Wah. I'm pretty dead set on that since I tried a crybaby at GC before and It just didn't feel like what I wanted. If any of you guys have used it, what are your experiences? Just curious. I was looking at reviews and i've heard good things about it.

As for distortion, my amp's distortion is actually pretty good but I just feel like I need a bit more of a warmer distortion sound. I want to get an overdrive pedal and just overdrive the clean channel. I'm looking at a Ibanez TS9 right now. Does overdrive sound a little different than a distortion pedal? Also, when you step on the pedal on the overdrive pedal, does it like "Overdrive" the amp or does it just turn on distortion. When you step on the pedal is it actually a pedal like if you push it down harder it overdrives more or is it just like a one step kind of thing?

Thanks for the info guys I really appreciate it.