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So after i got my new guitar i decided to have a little fun with my cheap ebay guitar:

I had no idea what i was going to do to it so i just started cutting:

Which was when i realised it was made of plywood, damn cheap guitars. Oh well i soldiered on and started stripping it:

More stripping:

I also stripped the neck and reshaped the headstock a bit:

After i finished shaping i applied a few layers of undercoat:

I thought red looked cool so on it went:

After a few coats of red and some clear coat on the neck i started to reassemble:

And the finished guitar:

It turned out way better than i expected as this was my first try at guitar customizing.
What do you guys think?
Nice, I really like the body shape a paddle or widow headstock would complement it alot. Can't wait to see the finished product.. Maybe a black gloss w/ red pinstripes finish?

Edit: Didn't see the finished pics.. That works too. I'm not really lovin the red alot but it works.
Please say I'm not the only person that thinks this looks god damned amazing?
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awesome job man i love it

i looove the shape
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Why thank you. I was gonna put a widow style headstock on it but i didn't have enough timber from the headstock shape that was already there, so i just continued with a curve theme.
First customizing job? Very impressive. I'm still on my first it's 2nd year now. *cringe.

Where'd you get that pickguard?

And how does it play/sound/feel?
damn, that looks really sweet. Makes me want to make a custom.
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how did u get the idea for the body?
real nice btw
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That looks really good. When I saw the bolt on Les Paul with a strat trem route, I though it would be some dumbass les paul copy with a strat trem. But dayum boy, props.

Actually, there's only one thing that needs, and it's that you need to paint the headstock red.
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Patent that body and headstock shape or someone will make money off of it. You say no big deal now but in 5 years when BC RICH has made a million dollars off that one shape you'll be pretty pissed.
thats a crazy ****ing shape... it kinda makes me wanna go slice up my squier...
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I've got a bit of experience with wood working and such but thats the first time I've done anything to a guitar.

The pickguard was on the original ebay guitar. I'm thinking about getting some decent pickups for it cos the ones on it are cheap and sound very tinny and are a bit noisy.

Its a lot lighter now and heaps easier to play, i forgot to mention i reshaped the neck as well so its a lot better.

It doesn't sound as good as my epi but I'm pretty sure thats because of the pickups mainly and secondly the plywood body.

Thanks for the positive replies guys, you've inspired me to make a version of it with real wood this time!
Yeah man... seriously, when people see that body shape they're gonna FREAK... it looks really really good.
As to how i thought of the shape, it kinda just came to me, i was kinda mad the day i started cutting so i wanted it to be nice and pointy.
**** man, that's awsome
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Like you said, make it with real wood. But instead make it rear routed with a bridge humbucker and if you want keep the trem. But ditch the single coils and the pickguard. I think that would put this guitar over the top. Then again you could do whatever pup configuration you want, thats just my opinion.
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Please say I'm not the only person that thinks this looks god damned amazing?
you're not...

god... I wish I could do that too! I usually hate that "gibson shape" but your costumization of it is just... WOW!!!

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Oh shit' that is ****ing sweet.
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Very well done especially for a first build.

The guitar looks great.
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Pretty cool. Looks a bit thin around the middle but apart from that it's sweet. I agree that for the real wood version.. Rear routed. 3 a side headstock. EMG/s. And probably a hardtail bridge. Tht would make it a killer guitar.
holy crap, that is awesome, its amazing how much more aweosme you can change a guitar
It's amazing how easy it is to do too. It would be so much easier working with some decent timber, working with plywood is a bitch!

I'm thinking for the next version a setup similar to a v. Single or double 'bucker with maybe the string through body bridge they have and a single volume knob. Not sure about colour though.
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But dayum boy, props.

Actually, there's only one thing that needs, and it's that you need to paint the headstock red.

I second that.


Nice job.
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Custom Build
Everyone sayinf "Make it with EMGs rear routed and a hardtail" should really shut up.

If you don't think what this guy has now is so damn super cool you suck. Making it rear routed with two humbuckers would be so boring and it'd lose its look, it looks great stick with that. Or HSS/HSH keep a single in there it makes it look fuller.

EDIT: How about Beveling the body?
That would make a Hawt production model.

They could follow your exact process.

you might have a career in designing instruments just with random cutting.
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That is insanely beautiful, I would marry that. Make sure B.C rich don't steal that design!
The thing I love so dearly about it is that the shape is that OMGWTFMETALD00D, yet the pickguard and the pickups retain a classy feel to the guitar.

Very nice, perfect balance between classic and OMGWTFMETALD00D.
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Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain-top
Basswood Telecaster, 2 single-sized HB's, both split.
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Oh, and I have a Squier VM Jazz Bass too.
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Did NOT turn out like I expected when I saw the first photo. That is hot. Great job!

Seconded I thought It'd be some "I have a les paul body cos I want to be like my favourite guitarist slash and jimmy page and buckethead cos i have heard stairway to heaven and november rain" (I know a guy like that but he bought a les paul copy instead of the body :p But this has turned out insane, if yuo make proper versions of that (I suggest alder body but mahogany would probably be better) You could sell them for loads.
Wooooow! I really like that! Imo, the black pickguard compliments the red body really well.

But daaaamn, I love that shape.
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It's been said many times, and I'll say it again: that is awesome work

The shape is very clever, and most of all I love the colour. My dream guitar was always a red strat with a black pickguard.
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