I've been getting into writing recently, this is one of my better pieces. I dont really have a official title for it yet but anyways.... just tell me what you think, and be as honest as possible please , i am looking for good criticism


Here I am,
Locked in this place,
Trying to release myself,
But with no success.
A key exists,
But I cannot touch it,
For it is in the hands of another,
Only hope is left.
So eager to know what lies outside,
Good or bad,
Whatever the outcome,
I need to know.
I can’t function; can’t try to ignore it,
Only one focus,
Only one thought,
So unpredictably powerful,
Nothing else matters to me.
For so long it seems,
It has been weighing me down,
I must hold on,
I must continue,
I must find a way.
pretty sweet, kinda fits my situation
put some good music to you and i hope you become famous
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hey this is really good, i dont think i'd change anything about it

did i scare you???