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So theres like 30+ bands now, and dates are announced, and whatnot. So whats everybody thinkin about the lineup????

Pretty shitty if you ask me, and it even makes last years look good (which I actually thought it was).


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I'm lazy do you have a link?

Yea I need a link.
i is cool
Ehh it was cool, but then the emo posers over ran it, not saying I dont like emo music, because thats all it is, a genre of music. It's the kids that think its cool to act like a kid with depression for attention. But I might check it out.
I'm going, if I can. There's a couple bands that I sort of like, and then Alkaline Trio, which is a good enough reason for me to go.
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Alk hit the nail on the head there.
thats decent!
is they get alexisonfire, moneen, illscarlett and motion city soundtrack itd be wicked!
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Guess my 07 warped tour is gonna be short short short, seeing as the only 3 bands ill be seeing is Bayside, New Found Glory and Coheed. Godddd why can't they add like Hellogoodbye or Silverstein or somethin. This blows.

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Too many emo bands as always but I'm going just to see Bad Religion.
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Me and a couple of friends hope we can go, if we do we're going to the st. Louis show.
Rise Against, The Toasters, and Pennywise. That's worth more than the $25 I'm gonna pay for those tickets
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The singer from Valient Thorr said that The Circle Jerks and Dag Nasty are also on....

You heard it from me first!
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That list makes me not wanna go, but I was invited. I guess I can kick some hardcore kids in the mouth for fun....
Bad Religion + Big D & The Kids Table = Goodness.
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wow. worst tour lineup, ever?
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Big D, Pennywise and The Vandals... sounds good enough.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
I dunno, last year nobody really big added on until kinda late, and theres only 27, to where the was like 72 last year i think, so the list is gonna grow big time, but goddddd

how about some AVA or SOMETHING. Jesus even the Pink Spiders?!?!? Chiodos? Oh well.

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Pennywise will be there. I just hope someone like Goldfinger or Lagwagon will be on the tour. I really want to see those bands.
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I really like k-os (kind of a reggae style rock), so I would probably go.
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Nope, not even gonna bother UNLESS they get a VERY good band on the bill. Dont really like any of the bands on there now.
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2004-05 had the best line-ups I can remember.

QFT, that was one of the greatest tours I've ever been too.
more bands are still gona be added tho, but if like rise against, anti flag or billy talent not gona be playin, i dun think its gona be worth goin
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well, coheed and cambria is fine but, i don't like the rest

I'm pretty much with you on that. Sadly, Alkaline Trio isn't playing until 7/31, but my date (chicago) is on 7/29. So I miss them.

I'm really only going for Coheed and Underoath at the moment. and I'm not even a huge Underoath fan. Hopefully some Warped vets will sign on later, there's still plenty of time left. Lets see Motion City and I'll change my mind about it being a lackluster line-up. Oh, and if only Brand New would play it.
Ugh what an awful tour, I might see C&C even though I HATE Claudio Sanchez's voice cause honestly the line-up is that bad. Bad Religion are alright as are Agent Orange and Alkaline Trio and I like the Matches but none of those bands are a really BIG deal to me either way. I thought last year was rather good actually I woulda gone just to catch Rise Against and The Pink Spiders.
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Last year was AMAZING. Chiodos, ETID, Joan Jett, The Casualties, 18 visions, FATA, HORSE The Band, Alexisonfire, BFMV. This year oughta be good too. Coheed, THE UNSEEN!, TIGER ARMY!, Agent Orange, Bad Religion, The Matches, Norma Jean, Paramore, Underoath. I'm goin. It'll be better than Ozzfest.
Well, it's getting a little bit better now...

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and FLOGGING MOLLY just signed on!!

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I've only seen like three or four bands like I would care to see from that line-up. Tiger Army, Coheed and Cambria, Alkaline Trio, and Bad Religion are ones I'd be interested in, but all the others are not ones that I would choose.

EDIT: Flogging Molly's on there now? Ok, make that five bands.
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might be alright vandals, tiger army, big d, agent orange, toasters, and circle jerks (possibly?)
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The singer from Valient Thorr said that The Circle Jerks and Dag Nasty are also on....

You heard it from me first!

For real? That would be gooood.

The rest of the bands are pretty bad.
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Ugh. Operation Shite Booking in progress. I went the summer of '05 and I don't think you can beat that years booking.

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