"Building webs is for suckas"
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oooh look at me, i'm clincher, internet tough guy

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pretty sure there was a thread on this earlier.

Yeah, I posted this a few months back. Still funny.
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youre a sucka

yeah funny thing is my mom showed me it...
god thats crazy, i've seen pictures of spiders on drugs and they webs they build its insane
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That is the greatest thing I've EVER seen!
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Ollieyoufool seems like a self-made man.

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"for information on the 'crack spiders bitch'...."


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its been a thread before.
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Weird thing about this is, I decided to send this link to my friend..and two seconds after sending the link in an IM, he sends me a youtube link, which ironically was the same one I just sent him

btw I found this thread on page 74
I saw this at work the other day. A co-worker showed it to me.

I loved it.
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youre a sucka

yeah funny thing is my mom showed me it...

Yeah she shows a lot, eh?
Ha, fantastic. I wanna be a crack spider with my own little stoner bitch
Lol, seen it before and the ending never fails to crack me up.
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I laughed so hard at this video!
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