Ive got my friends old amp a fender champion 300 and i have rarely seen fenders being used for thrash and types of metal, i need help with buying a new amp? whats good for things like trivium metallica megadeth black sabbath iron maiden etc...
marshalls the generic brand good stuff to but check other things out to like randall amps you can really get a nic sound maybe to v2 with all your eq on there
just try not to get your sound out of pedals because you get a distortion pedal and you have a limited amount you can scoop your sound + your going to end up buying a silencer to silence that pedals extream feed back my opinion pedals really give you a really flat glassy sound but thats just me
ermm budget well here its euros and ill go about 350 or something rather im nto sure about dollars i have my dads old multi effects but i dont use it ever and im getting effects soon. but i do like nice distortion not messy distortion more of a cleaner tone for thrash.