Which guitar do you think has the closest tone to Joe Satriani's guitar that is not one of Ibanez JS model (Too Expensive)

Let me know

his tone probably comes moreso from his amps effects and pickups and not so much his signature model. just get an ibanez rg with an edge pro and get the same pickups as him.
Anything with a basswood body, a locking trem, and hot Dimarzio pickups should handle it. A modded RG would work as would even a modded Schecter Damien.
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Would Ibanez 350s or 370s work? or Do I need something a little more expensive?
the problem with 350's and im assuming also with 370's is that the bridge is pretty garbage. you should probably save up a little more for an RG1570. they have an edge pro (same bridge as a js sig i think) and a prestige neck.
350/370's are S series arnt they?
and they have a ZR trem. which is amazing.
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The bridge isnt as bad as it is made out to be, its still extremely stable if you know how to use it properly and set it up correctly... Still you probably would be better off going for a >550 model
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I wish I could get RG1570 or something of the sort but this is my very first electric guitar and I don't think that it's appropriate for me to get such expensive guitar as a beginner. (Although I love Satriani's songs/style very very much)
I think I'll probably go with RG350s or RG370s, and maybe upgrade to 1570 if I get good/get more money.
That sound ok?