Awesome! That was really good.
Only thing I can say is.. maybe try to sing a bit lower?
Other than that, perfect.
I wish I could play like you.
yeah mingles that's me. i did everything on this cover. backup vocals too.

my family and neighbors would probably like it if I sang lower too, cizzie. but damnit, it's metal! i gotsta get out that aggression somehow.
but.. I think when you would sing it lower, more growly it would sound more aggresive !

Oh and if you really really wanna get your anger out.. play St. Anger very loud
At least that's what I do. When I'm sad I play Nothing Else Matters.. poor me.
That was very good, the tone, playing, singing and recording quality. What gear did you use?.
Besides being a guitar player, I'm a big fan of the guitar. I love that damn instrument. Steve Vai

Kramer Striker FR422SM
Roland Microcube
Digitech Bad Monkey
Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm picks

hey maybe so, cizzie. i'll keep that in mind for the next one i do.

El Cumanes, for this recording it was:

Schecter c-1 elite
Dunlop DB-01 crybaby from hell
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier mic'd with an sm-57
Fender P-bass recorded direct (I used the software Guitar Rig 2 for the tone)
Shure sm7 (for vocals)
M-audio DMP3 preamp
M-audio audiophile 192 PCI soundcard

and it was all recorded, mixed and mastered in Cubase SX3
My favorite track off of the Black Album,.........very very well done. All instruments were tight, guitar tone was great, vocals were very Hetfield like.

Solo.......cool, you went with the wah. Sounded perfect to me, bends were all hit, vibrato was sweeping, and the phrasing was spot on.

Dude, phenomenal. I think I'm gonna convince my band to play this live now.

My name's Warren too!
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Oh I can't wait to hear this one...

...listening now...and just as I assumed, everythings just about perfect. I gotta show my dad this, he'd really appreciate it.

Anyways, awesome stuff as usual, Warren. I have your grinch cover on my iPod,
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My Rig
ESP Viper 1000
Crate RFX120

thanks a lot yous guys. gardengnome26, I feel your pain. warren aint the easiest name to be stuck with. what were our parents thinking?

*edit - on the equipment used post I forgot to include EZdrummer. The drums are midi, sequenced in cubase sx3 and run through EZdrummer. I also added some tape compression emulation on the snare and kick for added presence.
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One of my favorite covers...period. The God That Failed is a top 10 'Tallica song as far as I go. Nice work.