well ive been playing for about three years now and i play jazz an rock.
but latly i started to hear that my improv wasnt as good as i thought it was.
so my question is how to i improvise and folow the chords?
I think that say you are doing a simple thing like a C chord followed by a Dm chord (in C major) youd start on a C and play through and start on a D in the scale when the Dm chord was first played. I think basically that this means everything is all gelled together and the improvisation seems to take a route that seems obvious rather than a bunch of notes in the right scale and key but with no relation to the chords etc.

Hope that helped

sublime thats not at all what i meawnt i know teh chord progression and my knowledge on chord structure is pretty good. but like in jazz pieces you always have to be moving around witht eh chords cause they arent always in the key so how do i do that?