my god

this made my morning

and this is b flat.. something...

YO SUP im herman ri

YO so tell yo friends herman ri is cool or i will shit on yo head
I think that this has been posted before.....several times.....
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Yeah, it's funny. but it loses it's value after it's been posted 100+ times.

Use the search bar next time.
Old, but it does rival the Pertrucci vids in funnyness. 'Tell your friends Herman ri is cool or he will SHit on your head'.
omg thats the second time ive watched that and i still find it ****ing hillarious! ahah
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marvelous the original video is just as awfull since their guitars are more out of tune than a shotgun at a wedding
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Any one have more like it? Ive herd of some with people like Michal Angelo and Pettruci but i havent been able to find them.
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