so today I go to my local music store, to by some new strings for my bass. I go inside ask this guy about getting a B string for my bass since I play a lot of downtunning with my E. He widened the nut for my "E slot" so I could fit a B in it. Then He said i should just use the 4 top strings. (BEAD) so widened the rest of the nut slots, and I went home and stringed it up BEAD. But I realized that I'm really downtunned. Like I wanted to play in Drop C, not like way below that. And if I try to tune the E to a G (3 steps above E) I would be stretching out my neck. But I hear a lot of bass players play BEAD and play drop C) or is tht total bs?

thx for any help
he's right
its good if you want the LOW low end, but dont have a 5 string or dont want a wider neck
the BEAD is only one note below drop c, and I have no clue why you would wanna tune your low E to G
"what are good intermediate classic rock covers?"
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alice in chains, stone temple pilots, led zeppelin, play rock and roll by zeppelin, thatll work well, maybe hendrix
and maybe war by meshuggah

so if I all tunned all the strings one fret note higher wouldnt it be bad for the neck?