This will be my first guitar but would like it to last me a very long time. The main purpose of the guitar is to be an acoustic for playing in my room but would still like the feature of plugging into an amp.

Can anyone recommend me a good used acoustic electric under the $200 mark?
I would recomend anything from Takamine, I like them alot, and you can get some for under 200.
Seeing as your looking for used its hard to reccomend stuff thats good for a certain price range cos prices can be so random.
You just need to know a bit about whats good in lots of price ranges and what specs are good and then wait for something good to pop up
go on Ebay and find an Alvarez RD20S. solid spruce top w/ out electronics, but it will still sound better than any POS A/E you can find for $200. you can score an RD20S for under $200 on ebay.
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They arnt far off $200 retail either

indeed. something like $230 at Musicians Friend.
"There but for fortune go you or I"- Phil Ochs