hey all, im looking at buying an epiphone explorer, and just wandering what looks better, the gothic explorer, or the natural finish, sort of the brown one. Comment =]
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I love the natural explorers. Kick ass.
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Dumbass that is a classical guitar, use nylon strings or the neck will crack... and not the kind you were smoking when you wrote this.
that is really personal preference...
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Natural looks good on anything.
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it's true
Niz-atural for sure. The gothic just kinda looks gay in mu opinion. You should get the Gothic Explorer with the Floyd Rose and repaint it. That's just me.
Other than the XII inlay on the 12th fret, it's a Black guitar. I think the association with Gothic/Goth was a Marketing blunder ... maybe not. It's a Mahogany body, set Mahogany neck, and Rosewood fretboard, pretty good platform to install your weapons/pick-ups of choice.