Hey, I've been listening to Tom Morello's solo stuff alot lately, but I can only listen to it through videos on YouTube. So if anyone has any of his demo's or the Axis of Justice cd, will you please send me a copy for me to listen to until I have money to actually buy the cd.

If you can, PM me for my e-mail.

It's quality stuff.
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SOunds really cool. First time I've heard any of his stuff, I've heard it mentioned for ages but never checke dit out.
TOM MORELLO is god. Im a huge fan of his guitar work in audioslave and rage, and i like the limited amount of his solo efforts that ive heard
He's releasing an album around the end of April, I believe. Should be interesting...
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I wasn't aware until recently that he was doing solo work, I like him so I'll check it out.

I didn't know anything about his mum until now either
Yeah, there's an album coming out later on I can't wait for, so save p the 13 bucks .
I love the songs, my favorite by him is flesh shapes the day.
I hate how almost every video is missing a few seconds of the songs though.
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finally picked up the album today.

its awesome. ive listened to it the whole way through like 3-4 times already. some of the best songs are: One Man Revolution, No One Left, Flesh Shapes The Day, Union Song, and The Road I Must Travel. all are quality songs though.

i was definitely excited about this album, as ive been a fan of The Nightwatchman for like 2-3 years, and ive been hoping for a cd all that time.
he's pretty good, i saw him a few weekends back at coachella, i was suprised by his singing it was actually quite good and he had amazing stage presence.
Got the album but not listened to it yet. From what I've heard it's pretty good, though.
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Tom Morello is extremely liberal and takes a little too much pride in it. I think there are things you really shouldnt put in lyrics and one of them is being far too blunt in your political views. Seeing how it is almost split even. I'm not saying that you shouldn't speak your mind, just don't abuse others opinions or views. Tom Morello crossed that line and now that's all I think about listening to Rage or Audioslave or Watchman. He's not getting any more of my money.
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To each their own. I really liked the album, a real Dylan-esque feeling to it. Morello's politics are probably much more extreme than mine, but I still enjoyed it.

Besides, if you don't take pride in what you believe in, no matter what the belief... how much do you really believe it?
And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me: no, nor woman neither... nor women neither.