I need a song i can play for a girl before i ask her to prom, my skill level is basically i can get through tears in heaven, any suggestions? or any other way unique ways to ask a girl to prom?
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Raining Blood - Slayer
New To Town With A Made Up Name

In The Angel's City

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Maybe try burning of the midnight lamp by Jimi hendrix, she should like that
Ryan Cabrera - True

Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now

Cary Brothers - Blue Eyes(especially helpful if she has blue eyes)

I can give you a million songs
Well it's more of a pastel black, really...

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Jason Becker - Serrana, sure way to get the ladies...if you can pull it off...Jesu is good too, or if you can spice up Fur Elise a lot...
the queers - "i didn't get invited to the prom"

and then after the last line say "so i decided to settle for asking you"

i mean if i were a chick i'd bone you.

maybe "41" or "cannonball". those are good songs to get chicks to submit to your will.
I'm At Home Getting Hammered(While She's Out Getting Nailed)-Banjo & Sullivan
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i asked a deaf girl to prom by playing a song for her...

ill just say it never really worked out

bud-um chiiiii!

^My bad interpretation of the drum pattern you play after someone tells a joke.

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bud-um chiiiii!

^My bad interpretation of the drum pattern you play after someone tells a joke.